I want to sell my house fast in Riverside California but my family is living there rent free

I want to sell my house fast in Riverside California but my family is living there rent free

So there are many reasons why a seller or a property owner would like to sell their property for all cash, or to someone like us. I want to share with you this particular case where we bought this house here. We’ve now completely remodeled it, brand new. But the seller had a situation where they were actually letting their relative, their sister and her family live in the house, for rent free, which was very nice of him. And she had lived here for many years, but unfortunately, she was not really taking care of the property and there were a lot of neglected repairs, and the house condition was becoming very bad. And so the seller on top of that, had a mortgage and a loan that they were paying on the house still. So every month they were paying the mortgage, coming out of their pocket along with other expenses such as property taxes.

So he felt that it was time for their sister to move on, and wanted to the sell the property. But at the same time, the seller did not want to make it difficult for the sister. So what we did is we took a look at his situation, and put together a custom solution for him. First off, we were able to buy the property all cash, so that he did not have to do any repairs and he did not even have to clean the house. We’re going to fully remodel the house anyways. And then secondly, we were also able to work with his sister and her family and were not rushing the sister out. And we were able to work with her timeline as well, in addition, to help out here and there with whatever she needed as well. So, we finally closed on this and the seller was happy, and he was able to move on.

So if you happen to know anyone that has a similar situation, or want to sell a property quick for whatever reason. Give us a call, or fill out the form on our website. And we’d love to get a chance to chat with you.

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