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How do we make it Easier and Faster to Sell Your House?

By eliminating the middlemen who charges their own fees, (agents, banks, inspectors, etc.) and by us paying cash we do not have to get a bank’s approval to buy your property. 

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That’s it! Getting a cash offer is easy.

Thank you Charles and Kevin, it was a pleasant process to sell my property to your company. Even with my tenant who was making it difficult for me to sell, you made it work and got it done!

Randy Jenkins

How We Calculate Your Cash Offer…

“So how much am I going to get for MY house?”  This is a common question a property seller will have.  There is no one size fits all offer or solution because there are many factors that could be unique to you or your particular situation such as is your property on a busy street or end of culdesac, or the property has unique features, or you have a terrible tenant, or could be more personal not having to do with the property but maybe you have a timeline or deadline to meet, or you have family issues affecting the sale etc etc.  We want to show you everything you want to know and hide nothing!   That being said, here is a general breakdown of what goes into what we can offer that applies to all general calculations:

We start with the end in mind and work backwards.  So we determine how much we think the house will sell for if it was fully remodeled inside and out including updating everything such as windows, doors, kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, roof, heating/air etc.  This final price is called our After Repaired Value or ARV. 

We then subtract the cost for construction to remodel the house from the ARV. In order to resell for top dollar, we typically need to do a complete remodel from top to bottom, inside and out. But each house and neighborhood is a bit unique so give us a call so we can take a look at yours.

We then subtract the transaction costs to buy and sell a property.  While we eliminate a lot of these costs for you when you sell, however when we buy and sell, we do still occur costs.  For example there are always escrow and title fees, transfer fee taxes, city/county transfer fees, recording fees, insurance, property taxes, holding costs.  And when we resell on the open market, we pay for real estate agent fees, inspection, termite, home warranty, seller concessions etc.  As you see there are quite a lot of fees that can accumulate but we generally estimate the total costs to be about 10% of the ARV. 

We then subtract our minimum profit needed to sustain our business.  Real estate is how we support and provide for our family and if we aren’t profitable, we’ll soon be out of business!  We always strive to give you our best fair offer, at the same time making sure we can make a profit at the end for the risk we are taking. 

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